GoldBuyers is the first company in Singapore specialized in buying gold, silver and platinum.

GoldBuyers Singapore guarantees that we pay you the best price in Singapore for gold.

GoldBuyers was setup to offer you an opportunity to sell or trade your gold. GoldBuyers is the best place to sell gold, silver and platinum jewelry in Singapore. We offer you much better prices and terms than pawn shops and gold jewelers – Guaranteed!

GoldBuyers Singapore is a brand and trademark which is part of the BullionStar group. BullionStar Pte Ltd is a Singaporean registered company with company registration no. 201217896Z. BullionStar also buys and sells bullion products i.e. investment precious metals at its website as well in the bullion shop and showroom at 45 New Bridge Road.

The BullionStar Team

We are proud of our service. Our motto is Trust - Integrity - Confidentiality.

You can rest assured that our gold market service and competence is superior in Singapore. Our team members are specialists on gold and precious metals. With GoldBuyers price guarantee, you can be certain that we offer the best price for your gold in Singapore.

We take pride in our integrity. We believe in honest prices. What you get from us is a clear price quote on your gold with instant payment if you decide to sell. It’s as easy as that.

Visit us to speak with one of our friendly staff or have your items valued with full confidentiality. Drop by our shop at 45 New Bridge Road if you prefer to sit down 1-on-1 in our meeting room to discuss your needs.

The people behind GoldBuyers have many years of experience in handling gold. You can be certain that we value your gold jewelry accurately and in a transparent manner. With our gold price guarantee, we guarantee that we pay the best price in Singapore for your gold.

Torgny Persson

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Persson has a long background in the precious metals sector and is the founder of three different precious metals companies in different countries around the world.

Luke Chua

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Chua has a background in management consulting and focuses on improving the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the business.

GoldBuyers Singapore Guarantees You

Free valuation of your Gold & Silver & Platinum in our shop at 45 New Bridge Road.
Guaranteed Best Prices in Singapore!
Instant payment with Cash or Cheque when you sell to us or bank transfer to your account if you so prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions - About Us

Who owns GoldBuyers?

GoldBuyers Singapore is operated by BullionStar Pte Ltd, a Singaporean company with company registration number 201217896Z specialized in precious metals. BullionStar Pte Ltd also runs where you can buy, sell, trade and store investment precious metals.

Is it safe and secure to sell to GoldBuyers Singapore?

You stand no risk whatsoever when selling your gold, silver or platinum jewelry to GoldBuyers Singapore. We pay you instant cash for your items (or pay you by cheque or bank transfer if you prefer) with a receipt issued for all jewellery items sold to us.

What do you do with the gold I've sold?

We melt and refine most of the gold. Your items are handled with discretion and are stored securely until melted.

What are your opening times?

Our shop at 45 New Bridge Road is open Monday - Thursday 11 am to 7 pm, Friday 11 am to 5 pm and Saturday 10 am to 2 pm. You can contact us on e-mail: or phone 6284 4653. We reply to most e-mails within one business day.

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