Pawning gold is expensive as you have to pay interest over time. At GoldBuyers, we instead buy your gold and pay you cash instantly.

Pawn Gold or Sell Gold?

Pawnbrokers typically charge interest rates of between 12% to 40% per year when you pawn your gold as collateral. Although there are many pawnbrokers in Singapore, pawnbrokers are oftentimes old-fashioned without transparent, public and current valuations available. When you pawn gold with a pawnbroker, you have to negotiate the cash amount to be lent to you with your gold as collateral.

With GoldBuyers Singapore, the process of selling your gold is quick, simple and straightforward. We publish all sell prices for gold in different purities/karats on our website with daily updates. You can always visit us for a FREE valuation of your gold. No strings attached! You decide whether you would like to go ahead with the sale following the free valuation.

Pawning gold often comes associated with stress and pressure to save enough money to be able to repay the loan and interest on the pawned gold. With GoldBuyers Singapore, you can simply sell your gold whether it'd be gold bars, gold coins, gold necklaces, gold bracelets or gold rings and get paid instantly in cash. It's stress-free, transparent and easy to deal with GoldBuyers Singapore!