How do you value my Gold, Silver and Platinum?

The gold value depends on the gold price, purity (also called karat) and weight of your gold. Silver and platinum is valued in the same way.

GoldBuyers checks the purity
(karat) of your Gold, Silver & Platinum

When inspecting your gold, silver or platinum items, non-destructive testing equipment such as X-Ray Fluorescence analysers are used to determine the exact purity of gold, silver or platinum contained in your items.

GoldBuyers weighs your
Gold, Silver and Platinum

GoldBuyers uses government approved calibrated scales to ensure that you get the right price for your gold, silver and platinum. Based on the gold price, purity (karat) and weight of your item/s, GoldBuyers quotes you a price.

We pay for your Gold, Silver and Platinum right away!

We pay in cash, by cheque, bank transfer or bitcoin. It's up to you how to get paid. We guarantee that the quoted price is the best price in Singapore for selling gold.

Frequently Asked Questions - Sell Gold

What kind of gold do you buy?

We buy all kinds of gold. It doesn't matter if your gold is broken, scratched, bent or damaged. Examples of gold items we buy include:

- Gold jewellery
- Gold bars
- Gold rings
- Gold earrings

- Gold bracelets
- Gold necklaces
- Gold watches
- Gold coins

All purities and karats are welcome.
We buy 8K, 9K, 10K, 12K, 16K, 18K, 20K, 21.6K, 22K and 24K

We also buy silver and platinum such as silver jewellery, silverware, silver coins, silver bars, platinum rings etc.

How can I be sure that I get the best price for my gold?

GoldBuyers is buying and selling large volumes of gold and we can thus pass on our savings to you, the customer, by offering a high price for your gold. All gold is weighed on sensitive and calibrated scales to ensure that the gold weight is correct. We are so confident that we offer the best price for gold in Singapore that we guarantee it with our Best Price Guarantee!

Do you charge for valuation?

No, we don't charge for valuation.

When will I get paid?

You get paid instantly. You can choose to get paid instantly on the spot in cash or by cheque. We can also transfer the funds to your bank account if you so desire.

How much do you pay for my gold?

You can always value your gold with GoldBuyers Gold Price Indicator online. Simply select purity (karat) and weight to get an indicative price.

Do you pay extra for diamonds or gold watches?

GoldBuyers values and buys precious metals based on metal value only. We do not pay extra for diamonds, unique features or distinctive design characteristics of an item.

What are your terms and conditions?

Read our terms and conditions here.

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